Goldilocks Blog – Marvel At The Moment

Goldilocks Blog – Marvel At The Moment  

Every morning tired or not I wake up early to find a place of beauty, a place to sit in peace, meditating for whatever amount of time that I have, and relfecting on that moment with gratitude. When I’m at home I take myself to the beach and marvel at the beauty of nature as I watch the tide flow in and out, and the birds glide right on by. I see the sun rise always faster than what I imagine it should, and I gaze up into the sky and stare at the clouds moving overhead, noticing the many different images being formed. I deeply breathe in the salt air as if I’m savoring my favorite chocolate. I allow the sand to cling to my clothes and feet, which later become a gentle reminder of being fully present, as a few grains of sand always stay with me throughout the day. I allow the sight of the occasional ripple in the water to remind me of the unexpected moments that slightly alter the path, guiding me in the right direction. I sit in stillness with a knowing that nothing is really still.

When I travel, which I will be doing next week,  I marvel at life in a slightly different way.  When inside it’s easy to have a false sense of stillness within the unmoving walls of a room, and the heavy and solid pieces of furniture. I sometimes forget about how fast time is moving, which literally and unfortunately has often just past me by without any awareness. So the beauty that I look to see may be the varying degrees of a smile of one of my children, a beautiful and petite flower of a weed that moves slightly with the breeze, and then with the simple awareness of my own breath.  Here I feel like I’m still, but with a knowing that everything around me is moving.

Both ways are the same, but at first seem slightly different. The same is true in how we view many things. Another yogic lesson.

Marvel at the moment, whatever it looks like, and brings yourself into the present moment. Because it’s here and now where life is taking place.

Just a thought, With Love and gratitude,

Goldi – Mwah!

Reflections – What do you see

Reflections – What do you see

What does your reflection look like? And do you care? Is it your image that you see. Is it your actions that you notice. Do you have the ability – to see your own uniqueness and beauty.

About 10 years or so ago, my children were playing travel soccer, I would go to the games and cheer them on. One day however, I went to watch a game where I was not emotionally attached to any player, and noticed how the parents were acting while cheering on their children. It was not a pretty site, and after a moment, a harsh reality hit me –  I look the same way while cheering on my own children and team. In my mind I thought that I was being supportive, encouraging the children to do their best, and overly enthusiastically applauding their successes. It was toooooo much and, It was my first real glimpse into my own internal awareness. 

As we move through life we sometimes live in our own head, and we lose the awareness of not only how we are in this world, but of our own true self. How do we really live and interact with those around us. Who are we deep in our core.

So my challenge for you today dear readers, is to start looking within, start paying attention to those automatic reactions, and habits. Start asking yourself why.  Why am I doing what I’m doing.  Do my action serve myself or others – simply – just start noticing.

Just a thought –

Love, Goldi


Yoga and Inner Peace



We really have nothing that we need to learn to find inner peace. It’s more that we need to become aware, and acknowledge, that everything we need, and everything that is essential to us; this luminance, this wisdom, and this peace, is already present inside us. Yoga helps us with this – helping to bring us to that place of stillness so that we can tap into it.

Just a thought…

Love Goldi