Goldilocks Blog – The Divine Quest

  Goldilocks Blog – The divine quest between not too much and not too little, and how to live our lives “just right”

Recently I was asked the question about my blogging and yoga teacher status –What are you doing and why are you doing it? What makes you different? What do you stand for?  Which in turn left me blank for more than a few moments.  I know I started writing the blog because I wanted to inspire myself and others to live their “just right” lives. Then I became a yoga teacher, and in the process I became aware of a deeper understanding of what that all means to live our lives “just right”.  I know as a yoga teacher I teach because I want to help people live in an effortless state of being, and not in necessarily achieving a perfect handstand; but I’m not sure my writing or teaching really reflects the message of living our lives, just right in an effortless state of being. In other words, helping everyone find that peace within. So it’s with this new clarity that my blog and teaching will now be focused. Merging together to deliver the message that has become so clear to me. But how exactly I’m going to do that – I’m still not sure…

I do know however, with every fiber in my being, how simple it is to live this life happy, and with ease and grace. It’s so easy and yet our minds complicate it with thoughts. When I teach my yoga, I give tools that can help with this – mindfulness, focused concentration, postures to help strengthen our bodies and mind, breath work to calm us down and clear out some of the mental chatter. I also know through the repetition of the practice and coming back time and time again to the mat, we continually learn and adapt. But I still hear some of the students talk, they’re still are not getting it. Some just come to gain strength, to stretch, or maybe just to say that they practiced yoga.  I know we all have to start somewhere, and I know it can take years for some, and I guess I need to admit that it did take me many many years. But is it possible to communicate all that I now know in an easier and more effective manner.

To live a happy and fulfilled life we must have health, and the clarity and freedom to live pursuing our self expression that is unique to us. What is it that we like to do? And are we doing it.

Our “just right” Goldilocks life comes from this place within – inner peace with who we are and what we have now.  Not in getting to an exotic location, or having the perfect spouse, the perfect house, car, or even job. Of course that would be wonderful, to have it all, in that way too. But you could be at the most beautiful location in the world, have a great spouse, house, car and money and really it’s possible to still not be happy. 

So the real work, the work that needs to come first is living within our Goldilocks being, the person that is happy within ourself now, where we are now, and with who we’ve become now in this present moment. Really owning it! 

It’s challenging when we live constantly reminding ourselves with what has happened to us in the past that made us who we are, but do we ever truly look and embrace the being that we’ve become and who it is that we’re becoming, without thinking about the past. Everyone has a story, a past that has made us cry and has brought us joy. We should embrace the person that we’ve become though all of it, and stand tall in the now.  

So for now, let’s take a moment to get to know ourselves a little better.  Maybe welcoming ourselves as if we would somebody that we would really like to get to know. Then accepting ourselves with compassion, again as if we really, really wanted to be close to this person. Then taking a moment to breathe love in, and breathe love out, with this person, and allowing this love to permeate every cell in our being, and then accepting ourself just as we are, and just for the pure pleasure of it.

Just a thought, and always with love,




It Works,…New Beginnings!

I’ve received everything that I declared when I started my blog almost three years ago! Including a love that will last a life time. We had the most perfect wedding with our children and parents and it turned out exactly as we had imagined. The weather was a perfect sixty eight degree sun shiny day on the beach. The winds blew lightly. Our younger daughters lined the path, in the natural sand dunes filled with sea grass, with simple, but beautiful colorful flowers that sat in clear bottles tied to wooden sticks. A harp was played softly that blended beautifully with the sounds of the ocean. Mike’s children and grand children walked out with him, with black suits and hot pink vest chosen by our youngest son, and I was escorted by my son and daughter. The ceremony was perfect as we spoke our words, and choked back tears of happiness. After we took a walk barefoot along the beach, and we went to our white tent where we had amazing food and wine.  The tent glowed with with white lights and a few sheer white panels of fabric that blew slightly with the breeze.  The table was set by our mothers. White linen table cloths with faded purple linen napkins and pink and white dishes, candles, flowers, antique mismatched silver plated silverware, and antique crystal wine glasses etched with flowers. Music was provide by one of our son’s, that set the mood just right, and as the sun went down, the night cooled, and another son took charge of the bonfire. Young and old sat around the fire with laughter and family love. Unexpectedly people stopped in front of us on the beach and released three or four paper hot air balloons and we watched the glow of the light flicker off over the ocean.  It was something I had wanted to do, but did not get around to doing.  I received the wedding I wanted. I received the man that I wanted. And, I’m looking forward to reliving it again in the professional photos that our oldest daughter and her man took. And, if there anything like their other wedding photos taken, they too will be perfect.

Now however, it’s time to set the intention for more new beginnings. To speak for the life that I want to continue to receive, and to receive more of the life that I want to have.

Some think it’s silly, some say it’s woo woo, I say… it works!  I said in the first declaration “about me” that if I was going to dream, I might as well dream big.  So that’s what I’m going to continue to do.  If I’m going to create my future,…I might as well make it be the best that I desire.  I encourage you to do the same. Live YOUR Just Right Life!

This new year, or new day, or new moment is as good as time as any to start. I’m going to wake up every morning and look in the mirror and say; Good Morning Beautiful! I’m So Blessed that my family and myself are Healthy, Prosperous, and live a life at Peace. Today is going to be another Great Day!  Opportunities always come my way – Life keeps unfolding in a better than imagined way, and everyday gets better and better. Thank you! Thank you! ….Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

Speaking Words of Wisdom

Master yourself and help others by speaking words of wisdom… find the Godly good in all things, and speak love. Make the declaration today that your life is perfect and just right. Then live your life making this declaration true – This, is your wisdom. You can accomplish this by continuing to always speak words from a positive view point. I feel great! I’m happy! I’m energized! I am alive – alive with the ability to accomplish many things. Make declarations that come from your heart. Feel it in your soul. Feel the words as truth. See yourself as being all that you know you can be.

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi