Goldilocks’s First Anniversary of Blogging

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Today is my first anniversary of blogging. To commemorate the event, this morning, I created a fan page on facebook.  As of this writing I have no fans…lol!  Hopefully I will have more. In fact, please become a fan by clicking on the above logo…regardless, I am enjoying my journey.

I started blogging for myself, as a way to remind me of positive thoughts and things that I wanted to remember.  Positive and beautiful people and places that I want to see.   And, as time goes, my thoughts are changing a little on where I want to go, but my goals are still the same.  I still want to write, blog, travel, see the world, and help you along the way.

Hoping that we find our perfect lives in a perfect world…

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

Having the perfect life in a perfect world…

Change your Life! – Day 2 of the New Year!

Years ago I stayed in the beautiful Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hyde Park, London. In my room the stereo was turned on. As I walked in, the radio station personality was posing this question to his audience…  “What would you do if you only had one day to change your life?”

Yesterday, I asked my friend this question, and her response was…”I think that is the problem, we always feel like we have one day.”  hmmm… she is right, I thought!  It is true, that every day we have the opportunity to start again-Thank God!  But, isn’t it a luxury to think that we have forever?
I found this question written in a ten year old journal of mine, along with my answer; I want to travel and write my story.  It hit me like a ton of bricks smacking me in the head.  I had let ten years go by, and did not realize it.   How lucky am I to still have another day!  Seeing that ten year old statement  did something else (after I had calmed down from the hysteria of the years missed on a life that I wanted), It made me feel a little bit more sane.  It reconfirmed for me that my desire to write and travel is just not a passing whim, but is something that is deep seated within me.
My point is that I messed up.  I wrote down what I wanted to do.  I visualized what I wanted my life to look like, but I did not write down or do what I could do that day, or everyday after to change my life.  I didn’t do anything to make it happen.  In fact, I forgot all about it…
So what can you do today, big or small, that will lead you towards your perfect life?
Just a thought!
Love, Goldi
Goldilocks Blog
Having a perfect life, in a perfect world…


The traditional Thanksgiving Day has come and gone, but it made me think, shouldn’t we celebrate it every day? Studies have shown that people who are grateful have higher levels of well-being. They tend to be happier, more satisfied, develop self acceptance, and purpose in their lives.  They sleep better, and cope better, with positive thoughts and actions.  Life just tends to be better!   And, I am all for that!

So Cheers to celebrating Thanksgiving each and ever day!

Just a thought!

Love, Goldi

No longer searching…but having the perfect life in a perfect world!