The secret to life…

The secret to life is love.  Love for your family. Love for your friends. Love for the environment. Love for what you do – what your passion is, and Love for who you are.

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

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Michael Jackson – Earth Song

Michael Jackson – Earth Song

What about sunrise?
What about rain?
What about all the things,
That you said we were to gain?
What about killing fields?
Is there a time?
What about all the things,
That you said was yours and mine?

Did you ever stop to notice,
All the blood we’ve shed before?
Did you ever stop to notice,
The crying Earth the weeping shores?

What have we done to the world?
Look what we’ve done.
What about all the peace,
That you pledge your only son?
What about flowering fields?
Is there a time?
What about all the dreams,
That you said was yours and mine?

Did you ever stop to notice,
All the children dead from war?
Did you ever stop to notice,
The crying Earth the weeping shores.

I used to dream.
I used to glance beyond the stars.
Now I don’t know where we are.
Although I know we’ve drifted far.

What about yesterday?
What about the seas?
The heavens are falling down.
I can’t even breathe!
What about apathy?
I can feel its wounds.
What about nature’s worth?
It’s our planet’s womb!

What about animals?
We’ve turned kingdoms to dust,
What about elephants?
Have we lost their trust?
What about crying whales?
Ravaging the seas.
What about forest trails?
Burnt despite our pleas!

What about the holy land?
Torn apart by creed.
What about the common man?
Can’t we set him free?
What about children dying?
Can’t you hear them cry?
Where did we go wrong?
Someone tell me why!

What about baby boy?
What about the days?
What about all their joy?
What about the man?
What about the crying man?
What about Abraham?
What about death again?
Do we give a damn?!

It has been said that Michael Jackson wrote this song because he felt the earth was crying and that he could feel its pain…

Enjoy the Song!

Love, Goldi 

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Searching for a perfect life in a perfect world…

The Goldilocks Principle Revised!

I believe that everyone probably has heard the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears…  there were three bears, three bowls of porridge, three chairs, three beds and a little girl lost in the woods named Goldilocks.  The bears were large, medium and tiny. The porridge was hot, cold, and warm.  The chairs and the beds were hard, and soft, and somewhere in between.  Goldilocks enters the home of the bears and finds the porridge, the chair and the bed that are “just right” for her.  The Goldilocks Principle is based on this, that what lies in the middle of two extremes is “just right”, and is the ideal, and what we should be striving for, and I believe this to basically be true.

What is huge however, and has been missed by many, is that yes Goldilocks did find what was just right for her, but the bears also had what was just right for them!  Each of them did!  This “just right” goldilocks principle is multi faceted, and should not be looked at as just one ideal, other wise if we were basing our “just right” on size, wouldn’t momma bear be the “just right” one, and wouldn’t her furniture be too! And papa bear who had the hard bed, the hot porridge, and the hard chair, would not of been happy with the “just right” bed of goldilocks and the tiny bear, or of the cold porridge of mama bear.  He had what was just right for him.  His two extremes were just different than the rest of them, but it does not make him wrong, it just makes him different, and that is okay.

So we need to think of ourselves, and what we like, and who we are, and that needs to be our Goldilocks Principle. We also need to expand this thought and not be critical of the Goldilocks Principle of others. We can not know what is “just right” for another.  We also have to be mindful that this Goldilocks Principle is ever changing and fluid, as we gain new awareness, or get older, or any number of other infinite possibilities.   We need to expand this even further to recognize that this principle applies to not only us as individuals, but to families (as the three bears demonstrate), communities, medicine, education, enviroment, economies, and nations.  One size or idea does not fit all.

 So be like Goldilocks, find your own “just right” way, just don’t think yours is the only way!

Just a Thought!

Love, Goldi

Goldilocks Blog – Searching for a perfect life in a perfect world…