Radiate Love

Take a moment today to sit in silence, to sit in stillness. While still centered in your stillness – reflect on gratitude, reflect on some of the many small miracles around you, like your breath or the smile of a small child.  Let those thoughts as they begin to grow, start turning into feelings of love and joy, growing larger and larger inside of you. Sit with this feeling for a moment. Then from this centered point of loving and joyful energy, let the energy rays spread out shining brightly in all directions. And, as you carry on through out your day, let the people you encounter see and feel this quality about you; through the way you speak, the way your carry yourself, and through your actions. Radiate Love in everything you do.


Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

Stuck In Your World

I have a friend who’s world is so small. They seem stuck physically and emotionally. They’re literally hardening in place, and speaking of how much they don’t like it there. With their job, home, and the people around them. And to know surprise, but to them, everything stays the same.  Years go by and their world seems to be caving in on them, getting smaller and smaller, since they can’t see anything else, or anyway out.

It doesn’t matter how many positive words are spoken to them, or options given to them. In their world nothing can change, and we watch them physically and emotionally grow weaker. So hardened, but wanting something, and still being unable to see the steps to make it happen.

Most of us have had some aspect of this, feeling stuck or trapped, we may pause for a moment but eventually move forward. Knowing that everyday can be different, bringing new and wonderful opportunities.

My advice is, if you see aspects of yourself in this scenario right now, go to a Yoga class. Consider it phase one on your new transformation. Yoga is about bringing you to stillness, a place of inner listening, bringing you to a place of peace. You’ll be healthier, happy, and you”ll  know what move to make next.

Make the changes, just go, and one day you will breathe in, and you’ll breathe a little deeper,  sink a little farther in your stretch, and balance a little longer in the pose. And, the same will begin to happen with your whole life. Changing one thing, changes the whole. Nothing happens overnight, just lots of little steps. Make the effort – just go to a class, even if you don’t really try when your there. But, by being there and moving just ever so slightly, you’ve made progress, and have opened up your world. The key is just to keep going. Eventually you will get to the place you want to be. Whatever that may be, but just keep going, keep moving forward. Make the change, and everything will begin to become clearer. You won’t be hardened any more… Just loose, loose and open to the changes that are coming.

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi



A Mini Vacation From Stress – Yoga on the Mat!

I first came into Yoga as a way to bring myself, a few moments of peace. Becoming centered, grounded, and present, focusing on my breath, focusing on my body. Then breathing some more, moving, linking my breath with movement, bringing my mind and body totally into the present. Then with the awareness of the moment I was in, and lack of the awareness of everything else,  I was able to bring myself to a place of stillness in my mind and body.  I was able to sit with peace, and then focus my thoughts on all that I had to be grateful for.  Mini Vacations is what it felt like. A retreat just for myself. Filling my day with positive thoughts all day long.  With yoga practice we find these moments.

Live with Peace.

Just a thought,

Love, Goldi