Yoga and Inner Peace



We really have nothing that we need to learn to find inner peace. It’s more that we need to become aware, and acknowledge, that everything we need, and everything that is essential to us; this luminance, this wisdom, and this peace, is already present inside us. Yoga helps us with this – helping to bring us to that place of stillness so that we can tap into it.

Just a thought…

Love Goldi


The real journey or discovery is not seeing new landscapes, but seeing with new eyes. – Marcel Proust

Self-awareness is the first step in knowing what your want.  Following the clues of your desires is the next.  Once there, realize that isn’t always where your supposed to stay, but it may be the introduction to something else.

Tap into the talents that your given.  It may seem too easy for you, but those talents were given to you, and not somebody else. It’s what made you – you! Why go against what’s natural for you. Why not go with the flow of life…

See with new eyes…

Seek to become more aware of your own true self.

Realize you already have the gifts inside.

Learn to tune in and follow your intuition.

You are full of unlimited potentiality!

Just a thought…

Love Goldi