Same Love – Live On and Be Yourself

Same Love – Live On and Be Yourself – Mackelmore


When practicing yoga, we come as we are, in our old or young bodies, physically and mentally strong or not.  However, we are that day, we go, we practice. Loving ourselves as we are. We are continually adapting to whatever life brings our way.  We do the same in life, we show up for work, or for our families, doing the best we can, that day.  Not always perfect, and sometimes extraordinary.  If we continue to do our best, over time, we can see the results of our sometime extraordinary moments that have built over time. 

To just go through the motions daily, over time will give us the same results as we have now. Action is needed for positive change to happen. Without action, without change, complacency sets in, thinking that this is all their is, all that we can hope for.  Becoming like the masses, that just settle in and complain. Be yourself – live – truly live! Enjoy every moment! Fill your heart with love, and do everything, from that loving perspective! With love for yourself, and love for others!

That’s what makes a life wonderful! Living from a happy loving heart and doing what you do best! So go live on and be yourself, and I promise, everything gets even better.


Just a thought…

With love, Goldi

Tough Times – Let Light Enter

The wound is a place where light enters you – Rumi

In life, you never really understand something, until it happens to you. My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to the families, and children, affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. And, even though I can’t really understand how they are coping or feeling. My hope is that they and anyone in life that’s having to handle a very difficult situation, to feel and connect, with the beat of their heart. To remember – you’re alive. Your alive for a reason. Be the change. Let the love and light enter, and fill you up. Let the love fill your heart. Please Keep Moving Forward, and, May Love Always Fill Your Heart.

Sending Love and Light Your Way,



Memorial Day

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.  Joseph Campbell


Pay tribute on this Memorial Day for the hero’s who have died in our nations service.

Give praise to these sentinels of peace, the brave soldiers, who have fought to keep our country safe.

Send gratitude and love to the families of these brave men and women.

And, Hope for the day that we see a world full of peace…

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi