A Simple Way To Make A Difference

The way you live in each moment, matters. We are connected to each other in ways that we don’t even fully comprehend. Or, at least, we seem to act like we don’t understand. Newton has told us that every action has an equal an opposite reaction. Knowing with this law, it’s surprising that we tend to forget that what we put out, comes back to us. Why would we ever choose to act in any other way than, kind, loving, caring, and compassionate, or any other positive attribute.  Because all that we want to receive is good, and positive.

Galileo tells us that in the absence of any force or friction, that a moving object will continue moving. So positive and negative words and thoughts, and the energy that comes with them, can perpetuate. Hopefully we’ll allow the positive influences to continue on indefinitely. I know that at times it becomes hard when what comes towards you is less than positive, and you instantly want to give back what was given to you. But your world, and your extended world would be so much better if you made the change, and shifted your reaction to a positive one.

This is how you can help make the world a better place. This is how you can make a difference, by shifting anything negative to positive, and by letting anything positive, carry on. 


Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

Internal Yoga

Blessed are the flexible,

for they shall not be

bent out of shape.

– Anonymous

Yoga is not just a physical workout, but it’s working on yourself from the inside out. Helping us to remember what’s inside of us – our beauty, our strengths, our divine uniqueness. We learn to bend, so we don’t break. Flowing with the direction of the current, riding it out, and seeing what the universe bring’s across our path. Noticing without judgement. We learn to not take things personally. To listen from within, finding our truth, our guidance. We learn to speak and live this truth, in a kind way – Finding our strength and our peace.

Just a thought,

Love, Goldi


Here to Love – Here to Live

I believe that we are here to love ourselves and others, and, to reach our full potential. Life is working for us. Sometimes people will be riding next to us for a while. Sometimes they just cross our path for a moment, and sometimes they are with us for a time. No judgements, at any level, should be made, as to why, or who, or what is happening. It doesn’t matter what anyone else has or what anyone else is doing. Our focus is on our self, our life. Being the very best that we can be, at any moment.  We should look at the problems, as not problems or tests, but as life guiding us to where we need to be, with excitement of whats to come next. Natures way of clearing out all that doesn’t serve us. Focusing instead to the millions of things that we have to be grateful for right now in this moment… I have breath, I have life, I’m sitting on a soft chair, I just ate a warm breakfast, etc, etc,… in this moment, most of us are more than fine. Focus on what you have, what your grateful for, focus on loving yourself, being kind to yourself, and being kind and loving others. No judgements – Be yourself, happily follow your path, see what comes your way. Have the belief that it’s all in your best interest. Relax and go with the flow.


Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

I’m off to YOGA – yay!