Meditation – Being with Yourself

Meditation – Being with Yourself – allowing you to just sit with yourself, so that you may gain knowledge about who that is. This connection to your inner self is the most important factor in creating lifelong happiness. Be with your self, and find out what you really want. What does your perfect life truly look and feel like. You may be surprised, when you get quiet, to learn what the real answers are.

When you know yourself and approach each moment present and aware, you are no longer anchored to the past or immobile about fears of the future.  Your heart is open and you look to see all the good thats around you now in the present moment. Your mind is clear and you live with clarity in this divine rythm of nature, of life.  And, it’s this creative power and connection to this creative flow that allows you to flourish.  Opening yourself up and allowing the current to carry you gracefully forward.

Just a thought… Oh! and I found this really good article on meditation if your interested – Your body on Meditation

With Love, Goldi

Here to Love – Here to Live

I believe that we are here to love ourselves and others, and, to reach our full potential. Life is working for us. Sometimes people will be riding next to us for a while. Sometimes they just cross our path for a moment, and sometimes they are with us for a time. No judgements, at any level, should be made, as to why, or who, or what is happening. It doesn’t matter what anyone else has or what anyone else is doing. Our focus is on our self, our life. Being the very best that we can be, at any moment.  We should look at the problems, as not problems or tests, but as life guiding us to where we need to be, with excitement of whats to come next. Natures way of clearing out all that doesn’t serve us. Focusing instead to the millions of things that we have to be grateful for right now in this moment… I have breath, I have life, I’m sitting on a soft chair, I just ate a warm breakfast, etc, etc,… in this moment, most of us are more than fine. Focus on what you have, what your grateful for, focus on loving yourself, being kind to yourself, and being kind and loving others. No judgements – Be yourself, happily follow your path, see what comes your way. Have the belief that it’s all in your best interest. Relax and go with the flow.


Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

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Some people never ask for help and some people ask all the time. Do you find yourself not asking for help, ever, but always giving help when asked.  It would be great if we all could be self sufficient, but I don’t think we’re made that way. We all have unique talents and abilities that not all people have. These are the gifts that we’re supposed to use. Then when necessary we should seek out others when help is needed or wanted. For some of us thats very hard to do. But, if you think of it on a broader scale, even us self sufficient types do seek help sometimes. I mean, thank God that I didn’t have to design this computer program I’m using for my blog, or fix my own car. I guess it could be rationalized that I self sufficiently paid for it. But if your brought to your knees, without money or stranded on the side of the road, at some point even you may be forced to ask. Please don’t wait for that to happen, before you ask for help.

Going with the flow of the universe – if you give, you need to receive, or you’ll end up with nothing left to give.  Give freely with all your heart but receive with gratitude and an open heart as well.  Ask for what you need. Wether it’s for friendship, companionship, a ride to work, notes to a class, a recommendation, a picture that needs to be hung, or whatever – big or small – ask.

Be self assured that help will come your way. I think that may be the biggest problems for those of us that do it all – that deep inside we think, help may not come. But, you just need to keep asking, until somebody says yes to the help you need. Don’t take it personally.  Have faith that the universe is working in your favor, something better is out there for you, someone or something that will enhance your life, so if it doesn’t work out right away – keep asking. Who knows what the universe will bring your way, but just for asking, something will come.


Just a thought…

Love, Goldi