Life IS Beautiful

Sure my blog is full of idealism, seeing the world full of happy, joyous people, living their life with passion. I continually spew words of love and faith, in the hope to that you will see it too.   I realize the five o’clock news, and your life may tell you a different story, but where does that get you… 

Nothing says that you can’t see the world as wonderful as you want it to be.  Nothing says you can’t believe that everything is getting better, moment by moment, day by day. The more you focus on whats good in your life, the easier it gets. I mean, Do you want to be happy? Then, where is your focus?

Miracles ARE around us everywhere, simply with the blue sky, spring flowers, old friends laughing, musicians playing, and much, much more. If you look – you will see life as truly being beautiful.

I write to help put yours/my attention on this big beautiful world that we live in. That’s what I do here on this blog. That’s where I want my focus. You get to decide where to put your intention… What world do you want to see? What world do you want to live in?

Just a thought…

With Love Always,


Hope You Never Stop

To truly succeed in life, you have to be you; you have to be authentic, you have to live your passion, you have to be real! We are all different and there are many paths. Remember always to honor the divine in you! The part of you that makes you special, makes you unique, makes you – you.  Go with that part! Run with it! Nurture it! If something inside you is calling you to it, then you should head that way.  It may be just to get you to change directions, and it maybe taking you directly to that point.  In either case, it needs you to investigate a little further.  

Your job is to take care of you. You are first! Do whatever it takes. Stay positive, and fill yourself, until your cup runneth over.  At that point you’ll feel like an eternal spring of great energy coming in and out. Then give, give, give.

Relax, take care of you, and Be Yourself – I hope you never stop!

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi



Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.  – Henry David Thoreau

To despair is to give up on hope. I, admittedly, have been guilty of the crippling feelings of desperation in my life.  Desperate that I would never find love; work that would fulfill me, or if I would ever “just be” happy with myself.  In this despair I made choices.  Choices that with hindsight, lead to more unhappiness.  Grasping at whatever, for that little scrap of desire… Love, Financial Security, etc. Selling myself short – spiraling and further fueling a life of, seemingly, more desperation.  Despair can makes you feel as if you don’t have a choice,  when deep down, we know, that we always do.

Choose love, and choose to love yourself first.  Get help if you need to. Do whatever it takes.  Don’t suffer quietly.  Speak – be heard.  Do whatever it is that you long to do.  Sing your song!

Just a thought…


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