Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.  – Henry David Thoreau

To despair is to give up on hope. I, admittedly, have been guilty of the crippling feelings of desperation in my life.  Desperate that I would never find love; work that would fulfill me, or if I would ever “just be” happy with myself.  In this despair I made choices.  Choices that with hindsight, lead to more unhappiness.  Grasping at whatever, for that little scrap of desire… Love, Financial Security, etc. Selling myself short – spiraling and further fueling a life of, seemingly, more desperation.  Despair can makes you feel as if you don’t have a choice,  when deep down, we know, that we always do.

Choose love, and choose to love yourself first.  Get help if you need to. Do whatever it takes.  Don’t suffer quietly.  Speak – be heard.  Do whatever it is that you long to do.  Sing your song!

Just a thought…


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3 thoughts on “Desperation”

  1. So true we always have choices and there are always doors and avenues available to us. : )

    Blessings Nice to see you writing again


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