Box of Love

There’s a lot of Love in that box. It’s filled with cookies, and cards, hot chocolate, a movie,personal notes, bath salts for mom, itunes cards for the children, and special nuts for the man of the house. The box is overflowing, not just with gifts, but with love. You can feel the love pouring out of it. You can feel the presence of the sender. It’s not the gifts, it the whole.
That’s the intention we should put into everything we do – Love. You can feel, see, and hear the difference between a blank hug, gift, or word, and those filled with Love. You feel it in places too; in your home, business, and even in your being. Be mindful of what energy you carry, and bring with you, wherever you go. Bring love, happiness, and joy. Do everything with love.
Just a thought…
Love, Goldi

Triggers to Self Reflection

Sunrise and the day begins. Marking another beautiful and glorious day to live.  The sunrise reminds us of new days and new beginnings, filled with acts of kindness, or service, or of duty.

How do you fill the day? Do you work on auto pilot and just go through the motions. Are you becoming something, or are you being that person. When the sunset makes another marks in your life, that letting you know that another day has past. Do you stop to think or give it any thought… Did I fully live my life today?

Let the sunrise and sunset be triggers in your life to pause in self refection, and may you always and forever, live every day of your life.

Just a thought…

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