Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. Lao Tzu

A flower will bloom, although we may not see it happening.  Nature has been urging me to do the same, so I’ve been listening,… sitting back for just a moment, to let my life, love, YOGA, and writing unfold.

Feeling the calling once again – I’ll be back soon!

Wishing you all – love, light, strength, joy and peace!

Love,  Goldi

Take Rest

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and I told her how for the last two years,  I’ve kind of sequestered myself, voiding relationships and friends, until I could discover who I was without outside influences.  She laughed and said, “You know thats what they do with people when they’re committed. They put them in a place where they can be by themselves for a few weeks. They are not allowed to see any family or friends, not knowing where the problem is coming from.”  I laughed to myself thinking that I was relating to someone that was committed, and having felt a little insane in the last few months, was not all that comforting of a thought.

My feeling of insanity however is only coming because I’m doing things differently, that I have done before.  I am in fact, insanely happy, so at the moment, I don’t care.  My life has been spent doing all the things  “I should do” vs doing the things I wanted to do.  I still have obligations so I’m still not doing everything that I want to do, but I think that’s  a good thing.  As in all things no extreme is good; a totally hedonistic life vs one of servitude, “Goldilocks way” will prevail.  I’m not taking the safest way, but  I’m taking the path that brings me joy.  I’m writing, blogging, and taking care of myself with more rest and relaxation, exercise, healthy food choices, and choosing the friends I want to spend time with.  Friends and family who inspire.  I have no real income, and thats the scary part, and why I feel a little insane.  I’ve been an entrepreneur for the last fifteen years so I’m familiar with taking risk, but in the risk I took before, I saw a definite way to earn money.  In fact, that is why I chose to pursue those ventures; I was miserable, and I felt that life needed to go.

Life truly is too short to spend being miserable.  So I’m smiling, I’m breathing, and I’m going more slowly, all the while realizing how much time I’ve wasted and not wasting another minute.  I remind myself of a quote:

“Take rest, a field that is rested gives a bountiful crop.” Ovid

I’m giving myself time to do what I need to do for me, and I just know, the bountiful crop will come.

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

Creating a perfect life in a perfect world…

The Perfect Life = A Life You Don’t Need to Escape From

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, you ought to set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”  Seth Godin

I love what I am doing.  I could sit here all day long blogging, writing,  exploring places that I want to travel too, and how I am going to make it possible to live my dream.  I love it so much so, that at times I have to force myself to step away,  to interact with friends.  I guess the pull is so strong because for years I was miserable doing “all the right things”.  Things that friends and family expected of me, and was more the norm.

I’m not going to lie. I have moments where I think I may be crazy, because my new life is going against the way I have lived for years, and I wonder if I will make it.  But, I am happy for the first time in years, and that seems rather priceless to me right now.

Money and your material possessions can be taking away from you, how you feel inside can not.  Isn’t it time we started focusing on what brings us joy,  start working our passion, and creating the lives that we want.

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

Creating my “just right” perfect life…