Succeed Mindfully

Shadow in the sand

Whether you define success as money, health, relationships and/or just plain happiness, it all begins with being mindful and truly living in the present. When we rush through life, it’s not only your shadow among the shells and sand that you miss, but, you also miss out on the awareness of purpose, and of why your traveling on this path.  Start with where you are.  Learn to be present, meditate, see your truth. Live in this truth of who your are, and begin living mindfully in this moment. Being present is the most important part of living a balanced life, a habit that continues to reward us throughout our life. When we’re present in our jobs, relationships, or in any action, we consiously choose to do better, and we are better, and it’s because of the conscious mindfullness that we begin to have a greater success in our job, in our relationships, and with our health.

Succeed Mindfully – slow down, learn to see, live with awareness, notice, and gratefully experience life right now, right where you are, and then, you will truly know.

Love, Goldi

Intention, and Conscious Choice

 Every choice I make i face a consequence, so imagine what I can do with conscious choice.
Every choice I make i face a consequence, so imagine what I can do with conscious choice.


As I enter my third week of conscious eating, inspired by my 21 year old stepdaughter, I had an epiphany. It’s what we all really know,… but somehow this week it hit me deeply, and really resonated with me. My intention is for this message is that I hope that it helps you too!

With every choice no matter how big or small we face a consequence for that action. But, If we couple that choice, with our most important choice of what our intention is, then the choices and decisions become much easier. With my intention of being healthy, the conscious choice to pick whole natural foods, and to continue with my practice of yoga, is easy. Why would I want to choose to consume anything other then whats healthy for my body, when my intention is to be healthy. The intention of living a happy life, will keep only happy, positive healthy people around you. If you apply this to your relationships, your job, or your life as a whole, changes will become easier.  You begin living, the life that you want to live.



Just a thought…


Love, Goldi

Living your just right life…

Follow Your Heart!

“The most powerful force on earth is love.” Nelson Rockefeller

Love rules all, and nothing comes closer to the powers of the heart.  It’s the secret that guides you in relationships, in careers, in friendships – in life.

Just a thought!

Love, Goldi

Having the perfect life in a perfect world…