Bring Yourself Back

We love the Ocean. We love spending days at the beach; swimming, surfing, fishing, or just relaxing while watching the waves. The waves are constantly in motion. They come in and they go back out, they come in and they go back out, it’s a constant ebb and flow in harmony with nature. It’s effortless and therefore relaxing.  The size of the waves however are affected by winds and storms, just as we’re affected by disturbances from time to time. The waves stir up the sand as it meets the shore. As long as the storm is around the ocean remains in this elevated state of turmoil. If, however, you’d jar up that mixture of sand and ocean and took it away from the disturbance, in the stillness, the sand would settle on the bottom and the water on top would be clear.

You can’t control the storms that come your way. Sometimes you need to step away from the crazy, compose yourself, breathe, and gather your own moment of stillness. You have to bring yourself back to a state of love and peace.

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi