Daydreaming – With eyes wide open #Sunrise #IntoTheBlue #IAmHere #Yoga #Meditation #Sunrise #IntoTheBlue #IAmHere #Yoga #Meditation

Oxford Dictionaries defines daydreaming as a series of pleasant thoughts that distract one’s attention from the present.  But here I was at the beach watching the sunrise, and yet I was having a hard time being present.  How many times do we do that, allow beautiful moments to pass by without experienceing the whole.  So today my morning meditation became to sit, feel, watch and observe.  As the sun was rising I noticed the ebb and flow of life, ever repeating, as the waves rhythmically came in and then went back out. I notice my breath doing the same… The sand felt cool beneath me, as I began to become warmed by the sun as it continued to rise. I made the connection to the opposites, aware of the waves coming in and out, aware of the rise and fall of the breath, and the hot and cool of the sand and sun. Reminded at the same time of part of Newtons laws of motion, for every action there is and equal and opposite reaction; and, that a body at rest will stay at rest, a body in motion will stay in motion unless acted on by a outside force.  We move through life mostly robotically, just moving through the motions that we’ve set in place. Even when our intention is good, like me going to the beach to meditate, becoming present to what is, allowing myself to just be. Being so caught up in the silent internal meditation that I felt that I needed to do, and then allowing myself just for the pure pleasure of it, to be present with all my senses to that which is truly beautiful, and not just by the visual sight of it. I felt happy and content, aware that I am living the life that I had always dreamed of.   I’m sure, it started as a daydream, and a knowing of the life that I always wanted to live. But just like Newtons law of motion suggest, I had to change to get my different results, not by a physical force, but by a mental shift.

I’ve been living in my home for about three months, before I had the epiphany to meditate at the beach instead of my home that is still in the process of being remodeled. Why it took me three months to realize this – I’m not sure, but it may have been because my home is where I have always meditated before. I now live about a mile away, close enough to walk. But thank goodness I had this sudden realization when I did and the months didn’t turn into years. It didn’t cost me anymore time or money, but just an awaking to the motions that I’ve set in place. 

So I ask you today, after you finished your daydreaming, to become so mindfully present to your actions that your going through right now, to the simple awareness – with eyes wide open – of what can you do differently right now by a simple shift, to make part of your dream a reality. 

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

Walking Your Path

Walk your path, not somebody elses. Choose your path and don’t compare it to another persons. Don’t get caught up in what someone else is doing. Their’s a reason your headed in your direction. You may not understand why, but it will work out for your best interest, if you let it. Why worry, anyway, about what path someone else is on. If you were suppose to be on that path, you would be on it. Their is a reason that your on the path that your on, so forget what everyone else is doing, and focus on what your doing. Just because the sun is not shining now, doesn’t mean it won’t be later.

We want control and for people to believe, feel, and behave, exactly in a way that we want, an exactly how we want. And, in regards to ourselves, we want exactly the same really, for everything to happen when an how we want. When  deep down we know that the reality is that people are going to react, judge, and place us exactly where they want in their own lives, whether it’s what we feel is in their best interest or not.  We don’t understand, it doesn’t feel right, as to why they are making these decisions, when really, who are we to say.  Letting go with faith in a higher power, that if we continue on our journey that we might be placed in something far greater than expected.

We stepped into our paths, most likely, because we were being called to it in some way. So keep stepping in that direction, and don’t worry about the reactions and decisions of others. Keep walking, keep moving on your path. It doesn’t matter if your solo, following someone, or if someone is following you. If you feel right on this path – keep going. Focus only on you. Control your mind if you want to control something, by redirecting your thoughts to positive ones.

We are all different, embrace your uniqueness and live your own life, and let others live theirs.


Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

Love in Your World

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. – Ralph W Emerson

You’re happiness in life is your creation – it’s what you perceive your reality to be.  You have the power to create and perceive the life that you want.  If you want a miserable life, you can have it. Turn on the news, look for mean people, associate with those who are negative, and be negative yourself. The possibilities are endless to find sadness, but why?  Why choose to live in that world, and in that reality.

Choose instead to live in a world where every morning when you wake up, you know it’s going to be a great day!  That somehow, all things, are working in your favor. You live looking for the good in others. It’s out there – you see it. You see the LOVE in people; objects; in jobs well done; in crafts made with care; in flowers; animals, and in the sun, wind and rain! Love is everywhere! YOU are also the LOVE, and you feel it in every bone in your body, and in every breath you take. Happiness and peace is there, the joy follows, and the beauty is easy to see.

Just a thought… 🙂

With LOVE for you on this beautiful day, Goldi