Living in Awareness – The Ideal Brew 


Living in awareness we allow the flow of time to carry us forward, as we live mindfully in the moment. Aware of where we are right now, and really expanding this awareness by remembering what has become automatic. Like, what country or city you are in? Become aware of the geographical location of the town you are in. Think of where you are in the world. Are you outside, or in a room or building. What does it look like around you, the walls or scenery. Are you sitting at the beach with your feet covered in sand, on the hard floor, or nestled in your favorite comfy chair. Are you hot, cold,or just right. Notice how you feel in this moment. Aware of the natural rythem of your breath. Aware of how you feel each moment to moment. Mindfully moving, mindfully breathing, mindfully reading. With full awareness of the sounds around you near and in the distant. Living in this heightened state of awareness all the time. Aware of it all, but detaching from this awareness as if living a life of meditation in motion. With full consciousness of what your doing. In yoga, we practice this on the mat, hoping that we can take the practice off the mat and into our daily life. When we live in the present we know that we show up in a way that makes us efficient and present with our family, coworkers, customers, and in any action that is taken by us. We get more done with less effort in a relaxed and peaceful way.  It may even save your life.

Today one of my students came to class and stated that he had open heart surgery just a few weeks ago. He had been out on a walk and was just about to enter his house when he heard a whoosh sound coming from his heart and felt the change as well. His awareness of his body, saved his life.  Doctor said your great, everything is perfect, no restrictions, until he took the cold metal stethoscope out and listened to his heart, and then said – I take it all back, and sent him directly to the hospital. A valve in heart was completely open.

After I went to my favorite Tea Room to drink my favorite tea the awareness of time became clear and confusing at the same time. I was handed a tea timer which I had noticed before but I guess not with the full awareness that I had of it today. The timer had 3 hourglass timers representing 3, 5, and 7 minutes.  When turned over the sand moves through the timers at different rates for different teas.  I’ve always thought of hourglass timers as a reminder to live in the present – with the center of the hourglass, representing the moment of time passing through the middle – the now. The sand accumulation at the bottom as what has passed, and the sand at top representing the future of what is coming.  What struck me that never stuck me before is that all three of the hourglasses represented time, and yet they were all moving at different rates. The restriction at the center of the 7 minute timer is tighter than the restriction of the five minute and three minute timers, and wondered – do we do this in our own lives – can we do this. Can we make our Ideal Brew within our own self as to the perfect time. Can we open up and allow tough times to pass by quickly, and restrict and really focus, embrace, and cherish precious moments, savoring them, allowing time to seem as if standing still. I wonder… and at the same time believe it to be true. What do you think?

Just a thought…

As always – With Love, Goldi

Succeed Mindfully

Shadow in the sand

Whether you define success as money, health, relationships and/or just plain happiness, it all begins with being mindful and truly living in the present. When we rush through life, it’s not only your shadow among the shells and sand that you miss, but, you also miss out on the awareness of purpose, and of why your traveling on this path.  Start with where you are.  Learn to be present, meditate, see your truth. Live in this truth of who your are, and begin living mindfully in this moment. Being present is the most important part of living a balanced life, a habit that continues to reward us throughout our life. When we’re present in our jobs, relationships, or in any action, we consiously choose to do better, and we are better, and it’s because of the conscious mindfullness that we begin to have a greater success in our job, in our relationships, and with our health.

Succeed Mindfully – slow down, learn to see, live with awareness, notice, and gratefully experience life right now, right where you are, and then, you will truly know.

Love, Goldi

Life is ever changing – never look back or forward, it distracts from the now!

New Beginnings – The new year always invites in a fresh start, a time to release old ways and commit to changing our lives with brilliant and beautiful intentions. But change can be hard, even when you want to change, and like me you could be looking at the 12th day of the new year and just now are getting to one of your intentions. One of the brilliant things about life is that we learn and grow in a multitude of dimensions. In my growth as a yoga teacher I’ve realized that life itself is a series of January firsts, so I’m not beating myself up for just starting 12 days in. Consider that this moment, right now, has never been experienced before and will never be experienced again, and as we’re thinking of the moment, it also, has already changed. Think of an hour glass – the top part is filled with the future waiting, the center is life happening now – always moving – ever changing, and the bottom of the glass is filled with the past of what has already happened. Our goal is to always live present, in the flow of life. This awareness of this flow of experience allows us to experience life with a deeper awareness and with a deeper gratitude toward life. With every fiber of our being, we now have time since we’re not thinking about the past or future, but time to really welcome the scent of dark coffee; the smell of the salt in the ocean air as our feet root and dig down into the warm sand below, we can feel every grain. And we notice that behind the smile of a child – is love. We notice the beauty of a flower as we walk by, and the truly taste the food, of perfect home cooked meal. And, at any moment we can decide that now’s the time to try. Never look forward, they’re too many factors that are beyond our control. Too many variables for us to even consider or worry about. Our job is to move forward with faith. Our job is live in the present moment, and do what we can do right now in this moment with integrity. And, never look back at why we didn’t try earlier, or why we got to where we are, it doesn’t really matter now at this moment, we cant undo what was already done. We are where we are, and this moment, is our new beginning.

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi