Life is ever changing – never look back or forward, it distracts from the now!

New Beginnings – The new year always invites in a fresh start, a time to release old ways and commit to changing our lives with brilliant and beautiful intentions. But change can be hard, even when you want to change, and like me you could be looking at the 12th day of the new year and just now are getting to one of your intentions. One of the brilliant things about life is that we learn and grow in a multitude of dimensions. In my growth as a yoga teacher I’ve realized that life itself is a series of January firsts, so I’m not beating myself up for just starting 12 days in. Consider that this moment, right now, has never been experienced before and will never be experienced again, and as we’re thinking of the moment, it also, has already changed. Think of an hour glass – the top part is filled with the future waiting, the center is life happening now – always moving – ever changing, and the bottom of the glass is filled with the past of what has already happened. Our goal is to always live present, in the flow of life. This awareness of this flow of experience allows us to experience life with a deeper awareness and with a deeper gratitude toward life. With every fiber of our being, we now have time since we’re not thinking about the past or future, but time to really welcome the scent of dark coffee; the smell of the salt in the ocean air as our feet root and dig down into the warm sand below, we can feel every grain. And we notice that behind the smile of a child – is love. We notice the beauty of a flower as we walk by, and the truly taste the food, of perfect home cooked meal. And, at any moment we can decide that now’s the time to try. Never look forward, they’re too many factors that are beyond our control. Too many variables for us to even consider or worry about. Our job is to move forward with faith. Our job is live in the present moment, and do what we can do right now in this moment with integrity. And, never look back at why we didn’t try earlier, or why we got to where we are, it doesn’t really matter now at this moment, we cant undo what was already done. We are where we are, and this moment, is our new beginning.

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi