Let Karma Be Your Friend

Love yourself and all will come  – Zeina Zeeluv Smidi

Every moment we’re creating new karma by what we think, say and do. It even works on ourselves. If you want kindness, be kinder to yourself. If you want more love – love yourself.  Whatever you want in this world, give it to yourself.  Self love lifts us all. If we’re happy, the people around us lighten up as well.   

Make yourself happy, and let karma be your friend!

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

Great Days Are Ahead – Karma

Nothing is lost or wasted in this life. Bhagavad Gita


Our deeds decide our destiny. Our actions determine our outcome. Our seeds planted, decide what our harvest will be. Choose kind thoughts and helpful words, and always do your best.

Nothing is lost or ever wasted. Energy becomes matter and matter becomes energy. Plants and leaves become soil, and in the soil our seeds grow, to one day become our soil – once again. So be conscious of what type of energy you are bringing to those around you, and be careful of what type of seeds you’re planting. We determine what kind of life we have, and can have. Every moment Karma is working, and every moment we can create new karma.

Our lives are constantly changing and I know Great Days Are Ahead!

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi


Bringing In The Season

“We should give as we would receive, cheerfully, quickly, and without hesitation…”Seneca

Karma – what fruits will we reap from this years sowing…, giving, receiving, like the natural flow of life, has a cycle.   We must do both, and we must remember to always put love, and joy into our giving. When we give, we are not just giving an object, but giving energy from our thoughts and feelings, and attaching them to the gift.  The positive energy given is really more important than the gift. The energy given is the sowing, and the same energy that you’ll reap.

So put all the love, happiness, and joy, you’ve got into every gift!

Here’s hoping Santa brings me a Fisker Karma for Christmas!!!!!

Just a thought…

Love, Love, Love,  Goldi

Happy Holidays to ALL!!!!!