Make Love, Where There is None

To make love… where there was none…  ♥ Alchemy (Lyric) – Above and Beyond
To bring about change for love, growth, health, self improvement or whatever…we all want a little bit of magic or that special chemical reaction that instantly gives us what we want. Believing that you can have it is the magic, but you have to take action.  Belief without action is really just wishful thinking.
You see people that have what you want, but before they had it – they didn’t.
If you want more Love in your life, then love another, and love all people.  If you want health and fitness, then start eating whole grains, vegetable, and start exercising.  It’s not really rocket science, we all start out beginners, so just start!  Start whatever it is that you want to change.  Just make the first move – take that first step towards whatever direction that you want. Your belief will enable you to keep taking those steps. So, no matter how small it is, just take it, then take another and another.  Eventually you’ll get the change you want.
Just a thought…
Love, Goldi


Where are the currents of your life taking you…will you  surrender to the currents, and go with the flow. Nothing is happening out of order. It’s happening for your growth, and every experience is part of that process.

It is, and always was – perfect. It lead you to who you are right now in this moment. Not who you were 5 years ago, or who you want to be, but who you are right now.

Have faith in the process…


Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

Having Difficulties – Dream Big

Make your dreams bigger than your difficulties…move through, move past, move beyond.  Don’t let your thoughts get stuck on the problems. Remember where you want to go, and what you’re going to do once you get there.

Because this is it…you are creating your future now.  So make that dream of yours big, and begin to think of any difficulties as the catalyst that will always push you towards your greatest growth.


Just a thought…

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