The Habit of a Winning Life

Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all time thing. You don’t win once in a while, you don’t do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing. Vince Lombardi

In honor of the Super Bowl, I thought a Vince Lombardi quote was appropriate. 🙂   We all need to be winners in our own life; so I also thought, that a daily affirmation would help, in the “habit” of a winning life.

Say the following affirmation with belief, with faith, with a knowing, and a certainty, that what you say is true.

This is my day, my week, my year!  I carry myself in the way I speak, the way I dress, and the way I act; in celebration of what I have, and what I know is coming my way. I feel the joy of my winning life.

Now do what you have to do! And, believe in yourself; have faith, that you have, what you create. You are a winner!

Just a thought…

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Consequences-What move will you make next?

“Life is like a game of chess, in which there are an infinite number of complex moves possible. The choice is open, but the move contains within itself all future moves. One is free to choose, but what follows is the result of one’s choice. From the consequences of one’s action there is never any escape.” — S. Smith

We are responsible for our lives.  We get bogged down with the blame game. It’s our boss, lover, friend, mother, father, economy, false information, etc.  And, it may all be true, like in Chess there are many moves and decisions that can lead us where we want to go. The same moves however; can also lead us, no matter how hard we try, to the exact result that we don’t want, based solely on the move of someone else. When you factor in the moves of many, its clear that our paths may change frequently, and our main control is only – how we react. What move will we make next?
Great people rise up from conditions that luckily most of us will never see.   We may not be able to  change where we are in life overnight, but we can change direction now; we can keep adapting and redirecting ourselves towards the life that we want.   Our lives are our own.  Its what we choose, no excuses, good or bad. We are in charge of our life. No one else – we choose, or don’t choose, we guide ourselves or let others guide us. Choose to keep focusing on the life that you want.
If you or someone around you stumbles, choose to get up, regroup, adapt to the situation and try to do better. Forget about blame.  We are going to make mistakes.  People around us are going to make mistakes. That’s one of the consequences of living. All we can do is control ourselves, and keep trying to do better. Remind yourself of where you want to go, and of the life you want to live.  Keep redirecting, keep adapting, and keep moving in the direction that will take you there.
Just a thought…
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“If we had all the answers, then we wouldn’t need to write our own story.” Mike

Life brings changes… some good, some bad, some totally unexpected.  A year ago my plans of what my life would be like right now, are so much different than the reality of what is.  Many of us are going through major transitions right now; children starting school, children going off to college, becoming an empty nester, divorce, marriage, job loss, foreclosures, bankruptcy, etc.  Some of us may be going through two or three of these. Some of the changes are good and are a necessary progression in life, and even those transitions can feel challenging at times. The trick as “my man” Mike reminds me, is that we have to continue to write our own story.  To face the challenges, and to create our own positive spin.  Every dark cloud, every obstacle, every transition, can be turned into something better than you could ever of imagined.  As the challenges and transitions have come, so does the good.  Focus on what opportunities you now have during this an every transition that comes your way. Remember to keep adapting, rewriting your story as you go,  keeping the focus on your “just right” life, the life that is perfect for you.

Just a thought…

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