“If we had all the answers, then we wouldn’t need to write our own story.” Mike

Life brings changes… some good, some bad, some totally unexpected.  A year ago my plans of what my life would be like right now, are so much different than the reality of what is.  Many of us are going through major transitions right now; children starting school, children going off to college, becoming an empty nester, divorce, marriage, job loss, foreclosures, bankruptcy, etc.  Some of us may be going through two or three of these. Some of the changes are good and are a necessary progression in life, and even those transitions can feel challenging at times. The trick as “my man” Mike reminds me, is that we have to continue to write our own story.  To face the challenges, and to create our own positive spin.  Every dark cloud, every obstacle, every transition, can be turned into something better than you could ever of imagined.  As the challenges and transitions have come, so does the good.  Focus on what opportunities you now have during this an every transition that comes your way. Remember to keep adapting, rewriting your story as you go,  keeping the focus on your “just right” life, the life that is perfect for you.

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi


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