Surrounded By Good

An old Cherokee Legend that says there’s a battle of two wolves inside us all. One wolf is evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, arrogance, self pity, resentment, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. The other is good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, generosity, truth, compassion. The wolf that wins? Is the one you feed.

I’m glad your reading my blog it’s a great way to feed the good wolf 😉  filling your mind with positive thoughts. Practicing Yoga, is another.  One of the distinct qualities of yoga is that it helps us to become more self aware. It gives us the opportunity for self study; bearing witness to our thoughts, feeling, emotions, and sensations in our bodies. After time and practice we begin to notice that we have moments where we are no longer just reacting to things, but bearing witness to those things as well and consciously responding, instead of mindlessly reacting. Helping us get clearer on what we value in our lives, like feeding our body, soul, and mind; with joy, love, peace, kindness, and all the good that we can surround ourselves with.

Surrounding you today with Love,


Enjoying the Moments

Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present. – Albert Camus


How easy is it to take for granted some of life’s most simple pleasures.  Focusing our attention on our list of things that need to be done.  Sometimes we’re so focused on what we feel we need to do, we forget to look up to see, the opportunity for a conversation with our child, an unexpected lunch with our spouse, or the chance to visit with a friend.

What will be most important to us in the future, will be to have the people we love, to be around us.  Money, fame, and the like will be nothing, if you have no one to share it with.

Lets find a way to enjoy all moments, finding joy in what we do.  This is life, this is our life, let’s choose to live it well.

Busy enjoying the moments…

Love, Goldi