Counterpose For a Balanced Life

We bend so that we don’t break.  In yoga we do counterposes to balance out our bodies. If we twist to the right, we twist to the left. If we bend forward, we counter with bending backward.  Most of us live busy lifestyles, we give to our work, our bosses, employees, or customers. At home we give to our families, parents, children, spouses, siblings, and friends. Some of us also try to remain happy and positive, by exuding joyfulness to the strangers we meet along the way. We bend so far one way however, we sometimes forget our most important self.

So remember to do your counterposes, bend the other way by taking care of you! Give to yourself so that you can continue to give to others. Fill yourself up with joy, and gratitude for all that you have. Feed your mind by reading, seeing, and feeling happy thoughts; and in your body by exercising and eating right. Stay completely healthy for yourself first, and for those around you.  It’s the most unselfish thing you can do – taking care of you.

Just a thought,

Love, Goldi