It’s in the doing that brings you joy!

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. – Rumi

When trying something new, sometimes what is lost, is that we never start out excellent. Sometimes what is needed is to keep trying, but that’s lost sometimes with our teachers, or within ourselves. It’s in the doing that counts. The fact that we’re there. That we’re showing up. Over time – we  will  get  better! Often the best teaching is when you fail, and if your still practicing you keep self correcting, until one day when you get it perfectly right. Although sometimes the presumed failure by others, can create something better than the perfection that you originally sought. The goal is to keep doing what brings you joy, what moves you, that’s when your own personal perfection is achieved, in that moment, whether it’s judged good or bad by any other. It’s in the doing that brings you joy, regardless of the outcome. So go, do, and enjoy!


Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

Found but Lost

It once was found, but now is lost

But, lost by someone else you see 

For in the finding you may lose something else

Its all a gift you see

-Goldilocks Blog

We never really own anything. Sometimes we have things for a moment, sometimes we keep things for a lifetime, but that’s limited too isn’t it. It’s all fluid. Whatever we have at this moment with objects, people in our lives, jobs, activities, etc. It’s a gift, and here for enjoyment now. Our never ever ending eternity of now.

Last summer we traveled to visit my step daughter as she opened up her new photography studio. While visiting, my stepson found Ray Ban sun glasses. They had scratches on one lens, but we had them repaired and my husband enjoyed them until ironically our step daughters next visit here, when they were lost, for someone else to find and enjoy.

When you own a home and land and you move, change jobs, or end a relationship, slowly acquaintances from those association become more and more distant, and new people in your life emerge. You miss and want you’re old friends, and property, but you also welcome the addition of the new.

You get older, your children grow up, your parents need you more, and everything changes, all of our bodies, minds, interest, and surrounding.

We’re continually changing, adapting, and this flow that’s continually going is always bringing, and always taking.

Life goes on, and so shall we. Let’s enjoy our gifts of today, and whatever comes our way.


Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

How do you view your life?

When I was little, and things didn’t go as planned – Like being stranded in a broken down car, before cell phones, in the middle of nowhere. My mom would say – let’s think of it as if we’re on an adventure, and we kept happily and excitedly moving forward. Like we were Indiana Jones. I forgot about this as I grew older, but I’m glad I remembered. What a great way to view life – as an adventure. Enjoying the present moment that we have, and remembering that we do have choices on how we view our life.

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi