“About Me” Update

Wow it’s been a little over two years since I started my blog, and I’ve been thinking it’s time to update my “About Goldi” section, and after just reading it, I can’t believe how far I’ve come, and how I’ve received everything that I wanted for my “just right” life.  Except maybe not in the exact way that I was envisioning it.

For example I’ve had sooooo many friends and family around me. But when you’ve come from a drought, it’s felt like a sudden, heavy, rain shower that’s lasted for days and days, leaving you feeling totally unprepared. When what I was thinking of was more of a steady drizzle that you see is coming, but it’s perfect, just the way it is.

I talked of traveling, and in the last month I’ve been to the city of Santiago, and the desert of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, where I stayed in Hostels, sand boarded, saw a beautiful cactus forest, and spent time in a natural hot springs. I walked on the vast an seemingly never ending salt flats. I stood lake side and watched pink flamingos fly overhead as the sun was setting, with the awe inspiring views of the volcanic mountains in the distance mimicked back in the reflection on the lake. I saw magnificent sunsets while at grand canyons and valleys, and stood at night, looking up at more stars than I’ve ever seen. Where just being there, makes you feel the grateful energy of being alive. I toured the Southern states of the USA going through Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama, and finding the small city there, with the coolest tag line – Boaz, Alabama – The City of Possibilities.  I ended my travels in the white sands of Bimini, Bahamas, where we relaxed, then snorkeled and swam in the turquoise waters, in what seemed like our own life size fish bowl.

And, I did find a love that I’m sure will last a lifetime. He’s like what I imagine a prince to be, from all of my fairy-tale books of my youth.  He is handsome, kind, caring, compassionate, loving, brings me coffee in bed, and says he will always love and take care of me.  “I promise, I promise, I promise”.

I’m writing twenty books in my head, and a few blog post online, and I’m sure the books will get on paper when the time is right.  When I started writing the blog I was evasive on my “about me” page mainly because I was at the lowest point I could possibly get. I had made a small fortune, and then lost it all – houses, acres of land, and cash. I had been living away from my family for 30 years, and then single for ten.  Sacrificing for my job, my children, my community, and my friends,  hoping I was making life better, I was generous to many, and yet was so tired and alone.  I was so unhappy, I knew I couldn’t remain focused on that, and ever live a happy life.  I needed a shift.  I needed Happy. Happy thoughts, Happy words, Happy news, and thats how this blog was born – and it worked.  I lost myself in success and found myself in my failure.

I was looking for my perfect life.  I believed it was possible, and then I started living it.

My hope is that you, and each and every person that reads my blog, finds there unique and perfect life. And, that what I write, helps, and inspires you to live a life that’s “just right” for you.

Just a thought…


Love, Goldi

12 thoughts on ““About Me” Update”

  1. This post is simply wonderful on so many levels. You have always been an amazing woman but this post screams just how fabulous you are. I am delighted to have reconnected with you and only wish I could have been there for you when things were so difficult. It is inspiring to see how you have grown and embraced happiness, it suits you.

  2. Hi Donna!
    WOW! I’m so happy for you. This blog is so revealing and personal. A goosebumps confession that I enjoyed reading. I miss you, but am so happy that you have found peace, love and joy. Take good care my friend. Love you.

  3. I’m so happy for you! And I’m glad you are finally in a great place in your life with family, friends and Love. It is a great feeling to be loved and share love! Enjoy your new life and Love! Me

  4. Thank you so much Maryclare! You are an inspiration as well. I’ve never seen you look more beautiful and happy, inside and out! I’m so glad that we’ve reconnected! Everything is coming together perfectly…,including old friends who are new again 🙂 Love

  5. Hi Debbie, Thanks for liking this blog post. It’s something that I’ve been thinking about for awhile… Cheers to many happy days ahead! Love Ya, Goldi 🙂

  6. Dear Smiling Denise, It is a great feeling to be loved, and life just keeps bringing great people back into my life, which includes you. Thank you for your support and love. Love, Goldi

  7. I know how you feel; we have shared some of the same things. I miss seeing you at the office. so glad you are doing great!!!
    Tammy Harmon

  8. Thank you Tammy we have shared some of the same things. I think that there are unfortunately many others who are with us, although we always for some reason feel alone when we are struggling. I hope your doing well! You deserve it! In fact we all deserve to be doing well! 🙂

  9. I would not believe how things have fallen into place for you if I had not seen it with my own eyes. You are amazing. I am proud to be your friend.

  10. Thank you so much Kathy!!! I proud to have you as a friend. See good people keep coming into my life and/or coming back into my life. I’m so very lucky. 🙂

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