The Beauty Within

“There is beauty to be found everywhere” thats what the guide in the desert of Chile said. “Wherever you go, you can find beauty.  Here in the forest of cactus you see flowers and cactus so large that you are amazed when you see them.  From afar your perspective is off, you will see when you get close.”  It was true, from a distance all I could see was desert with a few cacti here and there spread over the hills, but the closer and deeper I walked into the forest the denser and larger the cacti appeared.  The pathway led us next to a stream, which flowed into a valley where flowers bloomed , and foliage thrived. The guide was right, it was so much better than I expected…

I think everything in our life – people, places, and even our perceptions about ourselves and others from a distance, can look like a vast desert, with only spots of slow growth here and there. When in reality if we would step deeper, we would find that there is actually so much more to see.

Find the beauty within.


Just a thought…

Love, Goldi








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