Darkest Before The Dawn


It’s darkest before the dawn, and It’s light before the darkness of the night. Our inhale comes before our exhale. Our exhale comes before our inhale. We live in the ebb and flow of life, continually repeating. And yet, when it comes to tough times, we tend to forget about the natural flow of life. If we remembered, we would always live in a state of non attachment to the darkness, with a knowing that times will get better. And just as the darkest time of the day is just before dawn. Sometimes before everything gets really good everything can get really really bad. This is however just a natural rhythm of life.  

So – hang tough. 

Ride it out.

Have faith.

Your good is coming. 

And as always, With love!


Tough Times – Let Light Enter

The wound is a place where light enters you – Rumi

In life, you never really understand something, until it happens to you. My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to the families, and children, affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. And, even though I can’t really understand how they are coping or feeling. My hope is that they and anyone in life that’s having to handle a very difficult situation, to feel and connect, with the beat of their heart. To remember – you’re alive. Your alive for a reason. Be the change. Let the love and light enter, and fill you up. Let the love fill your heart. Please Keep Moving Forward, and, May Love Always Fill Your Heart.

Sending Love and Light Your Way,



Tough Times – Positive Endings

I have been told that sometimes my blog is hard to read because it’s too cheerful and too positive, and my reply has been – that‘s my whole point.  I think we have been conditioned to feel comfortable with negative information and news happening to and around us, and feel if we stay in this conditioned state, that we will continue to get more of the same. One of my goals has been to recondition us to see more beauty, and more positive influences around us.  What we focus on, is what we get, so I’m doing my part to surround us with positive thoughts.

When times in our life our tough, it seems even harder to focus on anything positive, but if we don’t, times will remain tough.  Don’t try and block it out of your mind, but sit back and analyze it with detached feelings.  Ask yourself what can I learn from this.  What will I do differently next time.  Then let it go.  Tell yourself that the tough moment was just clearing a way for all the good thats coming to you. Start focusing on the positive, and if you do, great things will be just around the corner.

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

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