Shut The Front Door

Fill your home, mind, body with all things that are good. Keep your focus on the possibilities. You become what you believe, so believe that you’re relaxed, you have total peace; because you are great, beautiful, wonderful, and all things work out for you. You are perfect, you are unique, you are you.
Decide everything is all right. It is what it should be. Say – I am happy. Today is a great day and tomorrow, and every day after, will be even better. Something good always happens for me.
See all the beautiful people and beautiful natural places around you. At every moment look for the extraordinary. The ever changing sky, the uniqueness of each trees, and the vibrant colors of flowers.  There is much to appreciate. 
Shut the front door.  Be the best at being you, and live, so that you will live a life full of meaning. See how you make a difference. Open the door, to live your “just right” life now.
Just a thought,
Love, Goldi