Little Victories

Whatever your goal is… i.e. to become Doctor, Lawyer, Movie Star, Mechanic, Artist, Writer, Married, Fit, etc, you must celebrate the little victories along the way.  You will never become a Doctor or lose 50 lbs  a day after declaring that to be your goal, but you can celebrate the passing of your first chemistry class, or the first pound lost.

When you see an actor become a star overnight, it seems big, it seems sudden.  You may think, how lucky they were to land that role.  When the reality is that they had been studying, and strategically placing themselves in situations, that lead them to more growth and exposure for years.

Keep focusing on what you want; make the choices that will lead you towards your goal, celebrating life and the little victories along the way.

Just a thought,

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Scattered thoughts… Indecision

Indecision may or may not be my problem.  Jimmy Buffett

Indecision – stops you.  You can get to where you want to go, but only if you know where your going.  Vacillating back and forth, wavering,…thinking, thinking, thinking, is not going to take you anywhere.  You must take action!

If you read my last post, you will remember that there are a number of moves, that can get you where you want to go.  So don’t put so much weight on the perfect thought out plan, most likely, things are going to change throughout your journey.  What you need to remember is where you want to go, and keep making your decisions from that basis.  Is this choice going to lead me where I want to go. If the answer is yes, then head in that direction, if the answer is no, unless your changing your goal or dream – don’t follow that path.  Do make a plan, just don’t delay taking action because every step is not guaranteed.

Guarantee’s, sometimes, keep us from taking that first step, or following through with the next move.  We sometimes feel if we had a guarantee that our dream will work, and a definite step by step plan to follow, then we would proceed; but because our dreams don’t have guarantees, sometimes we fail to make our move.  Our only guarantee is this moment right now, so the question becomes, how do you want to live your life now?

Just a thought…

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New Year’s Resolutions, Self-Help, Self-Improvement

Year’s Resolutions, isn’t it just another name for self-improvement, or self-help?  I want us to go beyond the losing weight, saving money, or any other top New Year’s Resolution.  I want us to be happy, and doesn’t being happy encompasses many things.  If we were truly happy, wouldn’t it be easier to lose New weight, or to stop smoking etc.  I know when I am happy I seem to be more productive.  I get more tasks accomplished in one day.  Which includes exercising, being proactive in my goals, and being more “there” with my family.  We tend to live larger!

To be happy we need to connect with our inner bliss our inner purpose.  When we connect to that which we know is the right path, the right direction, the right goal or dream…  we feel that inner bliss.  We feel love.

If you do not already know…keep asking yourself this question;  What does my perfect life look like, In all directions?  If you have your answer and all ready know your true essence and purpose, keep directing your life in that direction.  Your happiness will bring all that you want, and then some…   Just a thought!

Love, Goldi

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