Gratitude of Breath

Meditate for a moment, with gratitude, of all that you have to be grateful for, starting with your breath… this is what I said at the end of teaching, my very first yoga class, this past weekend. Because in yoga, and in life, we begin and end with breath.  There are times in our lives where we forget that simple fact. We get caught up in the drama of whats going on around us, that we forget that we have anything to be grateful for, when we really have so much.

I believe that the things that come so easy to us, are our greatest gifts. We take our breath for granted, but without it, we would have no experiences at all. Think about how important your breath would be to you, if you knew you only had five more breaths. Think about other basic and awe inspiring gifts that you have; like your sight, your sense of touch, the ability to feel, to taste, to hear, to heal, to think. If any one of these were the newest invention, how badly would you want them. Think about other talents that are unique to you, they just come easy. You are amazing, and you didn’t even have to do anything.

Then give yourself a little self love , and reflect, – on just how amazing you are!

Then come back to your gift of breath… We haven’t been promised any set amount. We aren’t owed this opportunity. Yet we have the opportunity to take care of these gifts, to use them, cherish them, and to create experiences for them. Be grateful for this opportunity. Be grateful for, if nothing else, your breath.

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi