Strength in Change

When major changes in your life happens, even when the change is to improve your life, it can make you feel unsettled and distressed. So when life forces you to change and you think the change is catastrophic, it can seem debilitating, but it’s really what makes us stronger.

”If an egg is broken from an outside force – life ends. If broken from the inside force – life begins. Great things always begin from the inside.” (unknown)

Remember our strength comes from the inside. We are defeated or winners before we begin. It’s what we believe, and what we think that makes it so. Pay attention to what you say/think to yourself, and out loud. If you think you’re defeated, then you will never take steps to succeed. Focus only on the remarkable outcomes that can occur. This is your inside work. This is your focus – the knowing that all things are somehow working in your favor – grow stronger.

Just a thought…

 Love, Goldi