Life Lessons From Improv

Have you ever watched “Improv”, where actors/comedians on stage are given a situation, and they have to make do with what’s at hand. They ad-lib the conversation, and use objects around them to invent or fabricate items which support what they are trying to create. We sit in awe at there ability to make the situation work, and usually say to ourselves something like, “I could never do that”.  When in reality, thats exactly what life is like.

Sometimes life events can stop us in our tracts, but like the Improv Entertainers, we need to look for what we have, and start our work there. We can continue to create our own story, always moving forward, improvising if we have to, toward the life that we want.

And, to keep us pumped up, at the end of each scene – Always Remember, to walk off the stage with a smile. 🙂 Have Fun! Love your Life!

Just a thought…

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