Be Delusional – Being Realistic Can Lead to a Life of Mediocrity

Think about it… you have a dream… a perfect life… you think for a moment that you can have it.  You start taking the steps to get there, and WAMO, a fear pops up.  You take a step back, and think “I can’t do it”, or worse, you never begin.  Change is not going to happen overnight, and life will put obstacles in our way, and when that happens you need to deal with it, and then get back on the path of the the life that you want.  Otherwise, you may be left with a mediocre life, that’s passionless and without purpose.

Become delusional to the fear, and have a great time with your life. It’s important to do what we love, because the road to being the best we can be requires work, and if we are passionate about it, we will want to work at it, and if we work at it, we will do well. At the very least we will be happy on a daily bases, and that’s how we can all make a difference in our world.  When we are happy with what we are doing, everything overflows into more joy and happiness in our life; and in the lives of those we touch.

Just a thought…

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