The moment that we are in…

Today I started working out. Part of my perfect life is having a healthy body. I also, embarrassingly, would like to look a little better, and get rid of some of these soft spots that have developed.  I’m not really over weight for most of America.  I am, however, about 20 lbs overweight, if you are in New York, Miami, or LA.  My main goal is to maintain my health, and fortunately I have always been very blessed in this area of my life, but last week – my brother had a heart attack!  I think I am still in shock. He is too young. I never expected to get that call.  He is doing okay, and I’m putting it out there right now, that I am expecting a full recovery!

I feel like I am on the right path of working towards my perfect life, and everything that I want in it.  I have moments however when I start to revert back to my old way of thinking.  The phone call from my brother was a hard reminder that we are only guaranteed the moment that we are in.  So we should be doing something that we love, or we should be with someone that we love, or a function serving a purpose that will help us or someone we love. Why waste any moments on anything other than joy, love, happiness, and hope. Connect only with good people and good thoughts.

Lets not waste any time – it is too precious!  What is your next step toward creating your perfect life?

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

2 thoughts on “The moment that we are in…”

  1. Hi:
    “We are only guaranteed the moment that we are in.” No truer words were ever spoken. Nine years ago I suddenly took ill, very ill, it was thought that I would not pull through, but I surprised the doctors and everyone else. At that time my advice to my friends was don’t put it off, do it now, you never know what the next moment will bring.
    Fortunately, my health is good, I should exercise, I don’t like to, my weight is good, I just need to move around more. With Spring on the way I am going to set up a walking plan.
    I wish your brother well. Thinking positive is the answer.

  2. Thank you Ruth! I will send my brother your well wishes! I am so glad that you pulled through with your illness, and that you have a great outlook on life!

    I am excited about your walking plan.

    Love, Goldi

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