Self Care – Do you care for yourself?

Do you take care of yourself?  I mean – do you really take care of yourself?  If you were to look at yourself as a hired manager of your life, would you want to fire yourself or give yourself a raise?  Do you feed yourself the right foods, giving yourself the perfect fuel?  Do you exercise to keep yourself healthy, which allows for you to live your life without limits?  Do you take risks with drugs or alcohol?  Do you allow yourself time to rest, when needed?  Do you nurture yourself during difficult times?  Do you respect yourself and those around you?

Have you been consciously living your life or are going with the flow of what is next on your list of things to do.  Graduate High School – check.  Graduate from college – check.  Get married – check.  Have 2 children – check.  Retire – check.  STOP at any time!

You are the manager of your life!  Pretend if you have to, that you have been hired, and that it’s your job to do what’s best for this person’s life that you are managing.  Think – What am I going to do today, to help make this person live their fullest life?

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

Having the perfect life in a perfect world…

2 thoughts on “Self Care – Do you care for yourself?”

  1. I am convinced that life is how you look at it. The idea of looking at your life as if you were managing it for someone else just might put some new ideas and initiative into how we take care of ourselves. Very good thought. Thanks.

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