Self Care – Being Selfish – Helping Others

I had a conversation the other day with three generations of women.  Kara who is twenty, said she was worried about her mother who was stressing about her grandmother and grandfather.  The grandfather is an alcoholic and in his old age has become an angry drunk.  The grandmother is the good southern wife staying with her man, through the good and bad.  She is scared though, and  the daughter, her husband and three children are also scared for her. As are her two sisters and their families.  So much time an energy is spent on this…

We all have obligations in the role that we are in as spouse, child, parent, friend, etc. Being “the good person” we support our family member in need. The support from abuse of drugs and alcohol, fiscal responsibilities, and poor health. The choices of one individual affect so many, as in this case – about 12. However, some of the time our help doesn’t help, and we end up hurting ourselves.

So if you still presume to think that taking care of  yourself is a selfish thought,  you can look at it as helping your family,  so that they won’t have to take care of you.

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

Having a perfect life in a perfect world…

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  1. I know what you say it true. We must each, individually, be responsible for keeping ourselves in a strong upright position so that we are not like dominos -knocking the ones around us down.

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