Earth Fare – Doing Things in a Certain Way!

This morning I wrote on my Twitter account; “today is going to be a great day!”  I have been feeling like that a lot lately…, that somehow everything is going to be okay – better than okay!  I feel joyful, and I have a sense of peace and calm about me.  I am happy that I am creating my life, and I love what I am doing!

I realized that my circumstances should not control me.  That I control me, and I am happier and healthier because of it.  I stated that today is going to be a great day, and, it is.  I woke up early and saw my beautiful daughter, went to “walk and talk” with a friend, started writing, and now – I just won a smoothie from Earth Fare!  They are all just simple little things, but they all have brought me joy!

Earth Fare is our local Healthy Supermarket here in, Asheville NC, that has expanded into four states, and now has 17 stores and counting. (Yea – more jobs!)  When you walk into an Earth Fare you feel the difference compared to other supermarkets, and you see the difference in their products, in their employees, and in their decor. It’s a sense of quality, cleanliness, and comfort.  A place where you might want to hang out at, and actually can.  I am new to Twitter and Facebook for that matter, but when Earth Fare posted on the their Twitter account that the next person to respond to them would win a free smoothie, I thought for a split second, “that’s silly”, “I will never win”, “I don’t want to look goofy trying for something and failing”, and, it’s just a smoothie.  Then I thought – no this is just fun, and I tweeted back, and won!  Imagine what we do with our larger decisions… and look at the good it has done!  It has brought me joy, Goldilocks Blog was posted on their Twitter Page and Earth Fare gets a blog post inspired by them. Just by giving me a smoothie, and they are getting back at least double their investment, since this post will forever be out here in cyber world:)

So in my very unusually long and round about way…,my thought for today is this – may be the answer to one of life’s questions is, to just do things in a certain way.  To claim the way you want your life.  Fun, Happy, with Quality, Cleanliness and Comfort.

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

Having a perfect life in a perfect world…

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