Possibilities and Opportunities

As most mornings go I wake up confused about the day, of where my life is heading and what direction that I should be going.  It is funny when we think about how many different opportunities and possibilities that there are. How one turn, or one hello, or one yes, or no can make a difference in your life.  I think we often feel stuck in our lives…and may be at some point that is true. Some times we need to stand still until we can resolve issues that we do not want.  Other times maybe it is best to pull the Band-Aid quickly, and make the change.  It all depends on your current situation and the choices that you have made in the past.   What we can do now is to decide what we want… which is not so easy when you have so many possibilities, but decided, be clear, then make your decisions, and look for opportunities based on that.


Just a thought…


Love, Goldi


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