We often spend a lifetime searching for happiness.  We chase dreams, people, places, religion, money, and addictions, in the hope of filling the void that is within us.   We believe that if can get this or have that, then and only then, will we be happy. 


The problem is that we tend to make this our state of mind of how we always think, always searching, and always pursuing happiness.  We need to shift our thinking and to just simply be happy.  Do not put it in the future, in the attainment of certain goals or objects, but in the everyday doing of whatever it is that we are doing.


You see it is not the circumstances that make us happy, but our outlook that does.  Our minds can make a good situation seem bad, and bad situations seem good!


So I believe that happiness is acknowledging and appreciating what we have… and the thoughts of gratitude, that is happiness!  So if we truly appreciate what we do have, the thoughts fill up that emptyness, and brings us the inner peace that we are looking for!  So again simply… be happy now!


Just a thought!


Love, Goldi

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