What came first the chicken or the egg? Our Economy, Happiness, Love, Health!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result, and the thought of what came first, the chicken or the egg… this circular pattern, could quite possibly drive you insane!


In our economy we could say that the fear of a recession could cause people to spend less, which would reduce demand, which causes a recession. 


In our pursuit of happiness we could say that if I only had this or that I would be happy, but since I do not have this or that, I am not happy.


In our quest for loving relationships we may tend to date the same type of person, make the same mistakes, and have the same result.


In health we all know people who sit and complain all the time about how unhealthy and overweight they are, all the while they are still sitting and complaining and not doing anything towards getting healthier.


I am sure these are all things that you have heard or thought of before, and breaking these cycles is easier said than done.  My thought here is this… what if we all came from the place or thought process that we already have everything that we need.   That the chicken and the egg just existed at the same time.  That we can be happy without those things, and we can be healthier right now!  We do not have to get it, we just have to be it! Be happier, be healthier, be loving right now! In every moment and in every choice, or conversation, or thought!



Just a thought!







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