Gift – Opportunity?

So many times we do not see the gift or the potential opportunity.  I read or heard of a test done once where two subjects were sent into a coffee shop, everything was staged the same, and all the other patrons were actors playing a specific role.  When asked about the experience the first subject said that nothing notable had happened.  When the second subject was asked they said that it was a great experience, that right when they walked in they found a five dollar bill, then he sat next to a man at the counter who was really interesting and possibly had some contacts that could help him in business.  Opportunities missed by the first subject…possibly?


A friend of mine was complaining about some tenants of hers.  How she had given them a chance and they had blown it, as she was talking  I starting thinking about opportunities that I felt that she had blown, and then about opportunities that I had blown as well.  In hindsight we always question ourselves, that is if we notice the missed opportunities, but sometimes we choose to not follow that opportunity path. May be because it does not feel right to us or it is not the direction that we want to take.  So then is it really an opportunity or just a different direction?


Just a Thought!


Love, Goldi


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