Bump Technologies iphone and ipod

3 Men, in a recession, start new company just months ago…Bump Technologies!    This technology is way above my ability to create.  It is also not in line with the life that I am creating of walking in the woods, doing yoga, and writing, but in honor of Earth Day… think of all the paper and time that will be saved by bumping!  My point is however, we all need to create our own perfect life.  What is good for me may not be good for you.  My desires and strengths are not yours, and we (meaning the world) have a need for many things.  If we all choose to follow what we liked and wanted to do, we would all be happier.  We would be more creative in our chosen field, and we would all not choose the same thing. 

What is it that brings you joy?  What does your perfect life look like?

Just a thought…

 Love, Goldi

Link, Bump Technologies

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