Morning Kiss

Many years ago I had a friend who programed her coffee maker that she called her “boyfriend” every night, and then in the morning she would wake up and think  awe… my boyfriend  made me coffee😉 It brought her so much joy, and now she has a husband that’s very attentive to her and brings her coffee in bed. It’s much like what I did with my blog here. I wanted to live a life that was perfect for me. I started writing about it, and now I’m living it. And, it’s with this thought that I wanted to create “Morning Kiss”.

As you may know I have a new website called Azul Yoga. I’ve linked it here and to this blog.  In creating my perfect life I became a yoga teacher. It keeps me grounded, and healthy in body and mind. And, as you man not know, a few months after I moved close to the beach I started waking up every morning before sunrise and heading down to the beach to meditate. Everyday, I became more and more infinitely aware of my connection to myself, and my connection to the whole. And, as the sun rose. I became more and more aware of the diversity and magnificence each day brings. I’m not always in the same spot, but I can be for days on end, at the exact same place; and the sunrise, the shore, the tide, the waves, the sky, the color of the water, everything is different and unique every day, and in reality changes moment to moment. Where photos I’ve taken fifteen minutes apart from each other looks like the difference between night and day in comparison.  It has become so illuminating to me, witnessing the infinite possibilities of the day, that I wanted to share it with everyone. So I started posting sunrise photos, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, my Azul Yoga website, and other social media sites. Then I added quotes or positive thoughts along with the photos. And, then I thought – How cool it would be to not have to go look for it but to receive it via email, like a good morning kiss, or a friend bringing you a cup of coffee in the morning. So I’ve linked it to my Azul Yoga website which is where I’ve been posting my photos, and now I have it set up to where if you subscribe to the Azul Yoga website you’ll begin to receive these daily greetings and inspiration. My intention with the “Morning Kiss” is to create a positive beginning to our day, to individuals all over the world, mindfully linking our connection to ourselves, and to the whole that we can and cannot see, but with a knowing that we are all linked – Like the sun that shines on us all.


Below is an example of today’s “Morning Kiss” as seen on

Good Morning You Beautiful Soul!

Anything in any way beautiful derives its beauty from itself and asks nothing beyond itself. Praise is no part of it, for nothing is made worse or better by praise. Marcus Aurelius.


Mercury in Retrograde


Mercury in Retrograde – Whew!

If you’ve read my blog before you may know that I’ve get up every morning to meditate at sunrise on the beach. Yesterday, I woke up anxious and then became excited and anxious when I went outside to see an orange glow in the sky, knowing that I still had a good twenty minutes before the sun would rise. Trying to stay calm which is usually really easy for me at 6 am, I headed to the beach, but I noticed an impatience’s, an irritability that had been plaguing me for several days, and where normally I would calmly follow the car ahead of me I sped up and went around them. When I came to the light that leads me into the beach parking it turn yellow way before I went through it. I parked and thanked the divine that I live close to the beach so that I didn’t injure myself or anyone else. I also took notice of this crazy manic energy that I was feeling, and became disappointed in myself, because I for goodness sake, am a yoga teacher, and I was showing up to the beach to MEDITATE! It WAS only 6am and there was only one other car on the road, in my one mile trek to the beach!  I told this to two other teachers, before a yoga class I was going to teach, who usually thinks of me as being very peaceful and serene, and they both responded back in harmony, that they too have been experiencing something similar. 

It reminded me of an email I receive from Carol Allen, days earlier. Carol is a Vedic Astrologer, who’s messages are always right on, and I highly suggest that you subscribe to receive them. I met Carol Allen years ago at a writing retreat in Carmel, led by her equally inspiring sister Linda Sivertson.(Who if you have a book inside you waiting to come out, she is the one to contact I still don’t know a lot about Vedic astrology, but I do know that as evidence simply by the rising tide with the full moon, that planets do have an effect on us. I read Carol’s email’s and she tells me about whats going on, so I don’t have to learn. In this email Carol talked about Mercury being in Retrograde until June 11, but it’s effect would still be felt because Mercury would not be away from Mars and Saturn until the 15th, which is today – Finally!!! Mars according to Carol, not surprisingly, is the planet of impatience, arguing, and fighting, but is also good for motivation and courage etc. Which not only answers why I was acting the way I was that morning but also embarrassingly why I had been in fighting mode a couple days before.  I’m not saying that there isn’t personal accountability to be had, but for those days when you don’t even understand why your acting a certain way – it may be because of the planets. This information also gave me huge relief while I was at Linda’s writing retreat. As it turned out all of us there, except for Carol, were Leo’s, and all had been going through a cycle of Saturn. Which is pretty much 7 years of bad luck, well – not really, although if you don’t know what your going through it can sure feel that way. Everyone goes through it during our lifetime in different aspects of our life, and it can be a good thing, a way of clearing out of everything that doesn’t serve you. In my case, I had been going through the cycles of Saturn in all three areas of my life at once. I definitely felt it. But until then, until I met Carol, I didn’t know anything about it. It gave me such a relief, to know that I didn’t create all of my mess myself. And, just as Carol said my time with Saturn ended, and I also began taking more efforts to place myself with positive thoughts, places, and things, and which if I would of done before would of lessoned the pain.  So just know that although we are personally responsible in how we handle ourselves their is more to life than some of us know. 

Today, I feel like this is the longest day ever and I’m sure Carol could explain that to us to, so to end on a really happy note, equally exciting as it being June 15th and out of all that mess, is to note the above photo which is what I saw yesterday, just before sunrise, after all my craziness.

With Love to you All – Happy June 15th!


Happiness Begins Here

Happiness Begins Here – Yoga – The Art of Living Life – A Life Filled With Peace

  When I ask someone what does your perfect life look like, or what do you want for your spouse or children. The short answer always is ” to just be happy”.  Happiness is what everyone wants. It’s the ultimate quest in life, and yet it’s always here for us. All we have to do is to decide to be happy. I know I’m making it seem way easier than we make it to be. We somehow have let the thoughts in our mind trump what we can realize our actual reality that is.

For instance, let’s say your a teen age girl, and a group of girls are over on the other side of the room. You begin to hear them saying things like how funny you dress, or how you’re so short or so tall. They make fun of your laugh, how you talk, and they just continue to go on and on, as they laugh and giggle. The problem is that we have somehow conditioned ourselves to allow our feelings to become hurt, and then we allow self doubt to enter our mind about who we are. We become sad, upset and depressed. Then we replay the conversation over and over again in our heads, and we start believing.  When our only true fault is listening to them with anything other than detached awareness, and with a knowing of who they are.  I know it can be hard when something is said that we believe resembles something that we feel bad about ourself, (which we shouldn’t either – let’s show a little compassion for ourselves – people!) Like feeling too short or too tall, but again it’s only in the mind, in our perception. Because the reality is that everything “just is”. There are many things and people that you’ll be able to find that are much shorter or taller than you, or people who dress like you and those who don’t. Who care’s – we are who we are – own it, be proud of you and celebrate yourself as a unique individual.  

Remember it’s only words that were spoken. Don’t allow the words to hurt you.  Don’t let them play over and over again in your head. They are not going to physically come up off the page, or out of someones mouth and come over and hit you on the head. Have the awareness that they are only words. Have the awareness that you can detach from the word, you don’t have to let the meaning affect you. Know the source, remember the source, remember who they are, be kind to them and carry on.  We get to realize that our reality is that they still have some work to do, and that we are just fine. We obviously have enough money to eat, and a place to sleep, if we have enough money to own some sort of electronic device to read this blog. In fact, the fact that we can read should be celebrated. So in essence, at the most basic level, we are more than fine. Start becoming more self aware. Monotor your own thoughts, shift them to the things you have to be grateful for, shift them to the life that you want to create. Hold your vision to that thought. Keep walking the path of your dream, and celebrate the uniqueness of you. This is where happiness begins. 

Just a thought…

Love Goldi