Foreshadowing Life

The other day my thirteen year old stepson and I were watching a movie, that we had already seen before. Throughout the movie he kept shouting out examples of foreshadowing. A term he had learned that day at school, where the writer is preparing you with clues, for whats to come. Foreshadowing can be both a positive or a negative event. I had heard the term before, but this time, thinking about it stuck me, as well, funny…because it seems to work the same way in real life.  As we are metaphorically writing our own story, we foreshadow our life by speaking and writing about things that come true.  You usually get what you believe, and you believe what you say or write, or at least start to.  Soooo, only speak or write what you would like to happen…  Say, it’s going to be a great day! Great things come our way!  Life is Good!

How will you foreshadow your story…

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi



Goldilocks Changing Your Life Plan

Blogger, Writer, Traveler, Inspiring hope, and living in Peace and Love with family and friends. That is the life that I see for myself!  That is the life that I am creating!  So I am declaring that one year from now I will be gathering my last minute essentials and heading off on a journey of discovery.  I will be traveling to all of the happiest places in the world and seeing, discovering, and reporting on what I have found and learned.  I need a year to close the book on my former life. To tie up loose ends, make my plans, and to make sure that the people that I care about most are settled, secure, and are happily off on to their life journey.  I also feel compelled to write a book about what brought me to this point, and I hope to have that book completed before the year is up!
That all being said… I have no idea how I am going to pull this off!  I just know that I am going to do it!   I also feel that making this happen, from where I am right now in my life, and from what I learn and report on my travels… will bring hope and happiness to many!
Just a thought!
Love, Goldi
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