Mental Exercise – I Just Keep Getting Better

I watched an over weight person talk about weight loss, and how it’s taken him several years to get to that point, from being morbidly obese. He was, in fact, still working on losing more weight, and his success was coming from sticking with it.

It struck me how similar an effort is needed when we are trying to change our mental outlook. Where change in thoughts, repetition, and time, are needed to change the mental patterns that we have formed over our lifetime.  Unfortunately, it may at times seem harder to see our mental progress, but rest assure, if your doing the work – it’s there.

So give yourself a break, even after your ah-ha moment, whether your trying to improve your mind, body, or both, it most likely will not happen overnight. But with time, effort, and exercise, you will succeed.

Mental mantra and exercise for the day – say,… I just keep getting better and better 🙂


Just a thought…

Love, Goldi