Happy Thoughts All Day Long

So the last few days I’ve been challenged, affected in a way that my mind couldn’t perceive, but was felt by my body.  As I sat here today writing literally for four hours I was unable to come up with anything to post.  My husband called, still at work and on his 13 plus hours there, not surprisingly – he sounded tired.  He called to say that he had another good hour or so to go, and I not wanting to delay him any longer,  hesitantly said…, I’ve been having trouble writing my blog today.  Do you have any words of wisdom?  He said, hmmm lets see, I’ve been having Happy Thoughts All Day Long, what were they… I hope that helps. I said yes, yes it did!  I instantly became clear that IS what I wanted to write about.   Not so much about the happy thoughts, even though you know that I believe in them. I became clear from his focus, and positive presence, felt even from a distance.  He took the time to answer my question happily, and when he said the words Happy Thoughts All Day Long his voice changed and he sounded better himself. I perked up hearing him perk up.

So remembering now, that helping ourselves also means reaching out once in a while, and asking for help. Combined with the knowledge that we need to continue to surrounding ourselves with good people, and place ourselves in a good environments. It will continue to help us long after we’ve forgotten…

Wishing you today, tonight, this weekend, and really forever…the total encompassing of good people and places and Lot’s of Happy Thoughts!

Love, Goldi