Oprah’s Life Class – OWN


This week I’ve been taking Oprah’s Life Class, which I’m thoroughly enjoying. I have a hunger about life. Always trying to figure out how to make my life, my friends and families lives, the lives of everyone I meet, and for that matter the lives of everyone in the world…I want to make them all better, no make that perfect.  I want us all to live perfect lives in a perfect world!

I’m not sure how to unscramble what we have already created, but believe if everyone of us lived our truth, comeing from a place of love, and compassion, that it would work out for the greater good of us all.  If we lived free of our egos by not worrying about outcomes or judgements, we would receive what we ultimately want – peace, joy, harmony, and freedom to pursue what our soul is calling us to do. I believe that the world would function perfectly, yes, I said it,…perfectly. LOL yes, that’s my perfect world scenario.

Since, however, we live in a world where everyone doesn’t believe, the best we can do, is be our best. Follow your passion, live your dream, remind yourself to live from a place of love for yourself and for others. Keep yourself/ego in check – I mean,…what is more valuable, the shiny new car, or spending time with your love ones. Spread Love, how valuable is that! Then we will be living our own perfect lives, and I have hope, that in time, it will spread all over the world – where we will all live in the light.


Just a thought…

Love, Goldi