A Place of Peace

Yoga on a mountain top – In my mind thats where I am….well either there or on the beach 🙂  I put myself, in a place of peace, creating a sense of serenity. Hearing the ocean waves gently rolling in, with the sun heating up my skin. Or feeling like the majestic tree, strong but flexible, bending with the wind. I keep my eyes closed, and see myself doing a sun-salutation, sweeping my arms up filled with joy. Then pausing at the end with hands placed together, then lowered until they are centered over my heart. Here, I reflect on thoughts of all I have to be grateful for, while still feeling a joyful heart. When I open my eyes, I feel a sense of peace.

I’ve been doing this years before I ever started physically taking yoga, and it’s my reminder to you, that we have everything we need to be happy.  Find your place of peace.

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi