A New Day

A new day…a new moment, a new choice.  What’s it going to be. What move will you make next.  What seed will you plant. What will you feed the seed, the idea, that will grow into your future. Will you plant it in the most healthiest natural fertile soil, and feed it clean pure water. Will you nurture the seed, pull the weeds, and care for it to help it grow. Do you see the seed growing taller, becoming into what you’ve invisioned. 

Every endeavor starts with a thought, an idea, a beginning. As the idea grows, and a few weeds pop – up we have to regroup, adapt, rethink, but continue to grow, or replant, nurture, take rest, or whatever is needed for the long goal, the ultimate destination – your perfect life. 

So what does that life look like, and what choices will you make on this new day, to start living that life now.

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi